Pagman & Bomyons story

During the year we had to rehome another two afghans. This case was a very emotional one. The owner Bonnie had died just over a year ago and the husband was now returning to Poland to live. Finding the right home was very difficult but necessary. The dogs were all Kazi had left here and for him to let go of them was a very emotional decision. Lisa Venter and I collected the dogs from Kazi and drove them to their new home with Natasha and her family. The whole family had come to meet them and upon arrival they had new bowls, new cushions, etc. I’ve had a letter from Natasha since telling me they are now going to the grooming parlour on a regular basis and looking very glam, they have taken over their new home and claimed the beds and couches. Another happy ending…

below a letter from Kazi:

Hello Clair,

A great big thank you for finding such a home from home place for the beloved boys. We are very sure that the much missed Bonnie would approve and is surely watching them from her heavenly spot.

So very assuring to hear that they are already well liked and pampered no end. Of course they will just love all the attention but they might get a bit tired, because here they were real lazy boys always sleeping and lying around, so we bet they will enjoy the walks and lots of playing, running and having a good time.

We miss them terribly, but like you said, there was no choice, but to give them to people who really wanted Afghans, thank you once again for your assistance in placing them in such good hands. We both will stay in touch with Natasha, thanks for her email address.

Once again thank you kindly, and may the Lord bless you and all the doggies you breed and may they all find such good homes,


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