Zoya & Gandhi’s story

zoya1After watching a program on Afghans (Dogs 101) on DSTV I could just see myself with an Afghan! I loved the hair and the regal look of the breed. However, I knew there was a lot of hard work to be done!!! Thus, I set off on my mission to own one.

Step 1: Convincing my husband that we are destined to have an Afghan (this will be in addition to all the other animals already in our extended family).
Step 2: Finding an Afghan breeder who had puppies for sale. (and who will be willing to part with one).
Step 3: Praying that an Afghan is the right choice of dog and that the new puppy will settle in and get along with all the other animals.

Well, I got hold of Mandy Mitchell who was, as luck would have it, showing in Port Elizabeth and she came to visit us at our property (heard that she had a litter on the way and I am sure she wanted to suss us out and see whether we will be good parents). I told my husband that he “better be on his best behaviour”! Mandy brought one of her beautiful Afghans with her and the moment she got out of the car she just knew she was on a ramp. Mandy removed the leash and the display that followed was breath taking. This beautiful creature running at full speed, gracefully dancing with hair flowing in the wind. I was breathless and I just knew my husband was sold!!!

The initial plan, to purchase a puppy, changed immediately when I received an e-mail notification that 2 Afghans were up for adoption. I was very, very keen, but how on earth do I convince my husband that we need to have 2 Afghans (have to whisper that this has always been my plan of action, as I believe that one must always have two of a kind, they need to have friends!). I made contact with Clair and had a whole list of questions to ask, even asked Mandy for help. I phoned my husband and told him we simply have to take the two dogs, they cannot be separated as it is our responsibility to love and take care of them. Now at this stage, I had only seen a picture, but something just felt right, and I am unable to not help an animal in need! Bottom line is, I cannot say NO to an animal that needs loving care and I actually do not want to, the more the merrier!

zoya2Well within 4 days travel arrangements had been made and the 2 new babies arrived safely in Port Elizabeth at their new home. I took 2 days leave to make sure that they were fine and settled in.

Now remember, up until now I had only seen one photograph, well, the first crate was opened and out popped this stunning cream Afghan, I thought, my gosh, she (Zoya) is pretty, pretty, pretty. Then to my amazement out pops an even prettier black Afghan, Gandhi. I was speechless and my heart was pounding in my ears.

I did read on the internet that Afghans can be shy and they take some time to get used to strangers, I did however have a plan of action. I heard that they love chocolates, so I bribed them with Doggie biscuits coated in chocolate. Worked like a charm, it was love at first sight!!!! FOREVER LOVE!!!

I was so stressed, I made posters for the two gates and even disabled the electric gate (husband was not impressed) NO ENTRY!!! I was petrified that they will run off and disappear!

Then to introduce them to our two Yorkies, Kelly and Kareltjie and the two pugs, Peggie Sue and Frank Junior the 3rd. Well, to my amazement all three of them were playing together in no time, no fighting and no growling. For once Frank had someone faster than him.

Off into the house we went,……………… I can categorically state, that an Afghan cannot and will not sleep on the carpet, no, it is either the couch or the bed, and this is not negotiable. It is their birth right. Well if you cannot beat them, join them. I have ended up buying each of them a mattress and colour coded duvets. AND WAIT TILL YOU HEAR THIS…..THEY SLEEP WITH US IN THE ROOM!!! (now, you must understand that they must be very, very special dogs for my husband to allow this).

zoya3Owning and loving these two Afghans has been the most satisfying and special thing that has happened to me and my husband, they have settled in as if they were our babies from birth, I firmly believe it was meant to be. All they want to do is be with you and they return our love double fold! Warming our house with their love and loyalty.

We have all settled into a routine now, Zoya and Gandhi sleep-in until 9h00 (parents are long gone at the office) when Maria, our domestic lets them out. In the afternoon we go for a walk (they love the beach), and in the evening it is the big rush for the couches, the first come..first served rule applies, enjoying TV. Then off for a midnight run under the stars and off to bed we go.

I told Mandy the other day that I have found my breed of dog for life! We will always own Afghans (please see the plural) and they should not be classified as dogs, they are true children and loving companions, very composed, classy and true royalty. Once you have owned an Afghan you will know what I mean.

I count myself lucky to be the owner of these two dogs and my chest bursts with pride whenever I take then to our local restaurant, they are pretty AND they have a personality AND brains as well!!!!

We are so happy with our babies. One big happy family!!!

Kind Regards
Helga Bock

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