Happy ending for Afro


Hi All,

We set off just after 5am yesterday from Irwins with precious cargo on board.
Quite a bit of huffing n puffing from Afro initially and he had small accident, an oopsie, as we pulled into Ventersburg.
In the pouring rain cleaned him and the hammock – he did not want anything to eat or drink but had the spray bottle and hydrated – he was not impressed.

Once on the road again, lightly covered in the fluffy blanket and soothing classical music he settled completely and slept all the way to Bloem.

Andy was thrilled – carried him from the car into the courtyard where he christened all the magnificent plants etc and then met the “Crawford mob” thru a gate leading onto another courtyard.
The 1st intro was with the Matriach and Mr Brown and went well, the others very curious but he was well received, all quite at ease with the new-comer.

Afro then proceeded to again mark all the pots in the 2nd courtyard – all this happening in the pouring rain (which Bloem desperately needs).

Afro’s breakfast was waiting – roast chicken which he flattened – felt humbled and guilty that my effort of boiled rice and chicken was not well accepted!

Andy a wonderful man, totally besotted with his hounds.
He keeps them in fabulous coat, groomed each day and nce a month at the parlour for bathe, condition, blow-dries, nails and teeth – says no point in having an Afghan if you cannot enjoy all the hair!

Exceptional home and quarters for the dogs but they in and out the house.
Massive plump cushions scattered everywhere.

What really sealed it for me was Andy’s totally relaxed attitude and indulgence of his animals.
In this immaculate home, I would have been having “shutdown”, soaking wet dogs, puddles on the floors, muddy paws,
yet nothing bothered him!

Spoke to Andy last evening and all good – Afro ate very well but protective over his tasty grub. He growled at one of them hovering but no reaction from the “bowl investigator”.
Andy did say he was quite a loner, did not come forward but he understands his past life and experiences and will spend plenty time with him – short trips in the car with another, walks etc til more confident and the bond forms.
Tanya confirmed this – that he just curled in a corner on his own – this I also told Andy.

Cheers for now

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Oh my word Margot,

You are just the best!!!!!!

This poor baby was just recently released by Anne and we just didn’t know what to do for poor Afro as he needed a real home environment and not at a centre.

We didn’t want to put him in an enclosure where all the other dogs are so this is just the PERFECT ending (new start) for this very, very special boy!

Thank you so much to everyone who cares for him specially to Margot for coming to the centre at 5;00 in the morning to collect him and drive him all the way to Bloem.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tears of joy and love the photos)

Kind regards

Tanya Sequeira

To all the wonderful people who helped to home Afro.

When I received Tanya’s email the morning, I shed a few tears of happiness to know that Afro has finally got the home he deserves.  I dont know if you know his story.

I can’t remember the year that he arrived at the shelter but he was given to Stan, Anne’s ex husband who lived in a tiny little cottage on his property next to the shelter.  Afro and 4 other dogs were dropped of by a lady who had them living in her garage and had been reported to the SPCA and so she had to find another place for them before the SPCA took them.  They lived with Stan for quite a while, they were all extremely scared dogs only one of them, a border collie was friendly.  Stan asked me to come and see them and I was shocked at their condition however for many months he would not give them up and then when Afro got very sick, Stan could not afford the vet fees so he gave the dogs to Anne.  Afro used to live in the kitchen at the shelter under a steel cabinet and was extremely nervous and afraid of everyone.  Only after many weeks of feeding him on a Sunday did he start coming out to me.  Every once in a while he would have a little spurt of energy and run around the kitchen.

My heart went out to him as he was not a happy dog and when Tanya said that he was going to a home I was overjoyed and thankful that he would now have a loving home and hopefully would get all the love and attention he so rightly deserves after all these years, and it seems that this is certainly what he is getting.

Andy, you are a man in a million and I thank you on behalf of all at Irwins for opening your heart to this very special boy who has not had a good life and certainly deserves the love which I am sure he will get living in your fabulous home with all your beautiful dogs.  I pray that he will soon feel part of your family and for the rest of his days will be loved and part of a family.

Margot to you and everyone else involved in our precious boy finding a loving home, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I am looking forward to receiving more photos of Afro and hearing how he settles down in his forever home and hope that he will blossom into the dog that he would have been had he gone into a loving home years ago.

Once again thank you so much Andy for opening your heart and house to Afro and all you other wonderful caring people for going out of your way to find him a home.   If there is anyone I have forgotten please forgive me and know that we (the volunteers at Irwins) are very grateful to all of you.

When Afro has settled down and opens up to you Andy please give him a big hug from all of us.

Hugz to all

Sue Rudrick

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